WhatsApp testing Real-Time Location Sharing on Group Chat and Recall in its App!

Whatsapp seems to be working with two new features on its beta version both iOS and Android that is Live location search and Recall.


Live Location Search will track group members in real time to allow friends to find each other more easily during meet-ups. Users will have the option to enable Live Location Tracking for a limited period of time or indefinitely, with one-min, two-min and five-minute options available.

This feature can be disabled by default so that your location is not revealed. it’s currently in the beta version of the messaging app, both on Android (version 2.16.399) and iOS (version


Another feature called Recall, let users edit and recall sent messages returned to you unread, you make the request for the message’s return before it was opened after sending texts by mistake, along with the ability to delete send messages that haven’t been read.

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