Samsung Galaxy S8 Set to Feature Heat Pipes Similar to that of Galaxy S7

It has been more than months that we have been receiving news and update from the world of technology regarding the upcoming smartphones that will be unveiled by their respective developers in the course of the year 2017. In fact, even before the New Year has set in, we have received news and updates regarding the smartphones. And one of those who hit the headlines more frequently than any other smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S8. And we are still receiving new updates regarding the probable features of the upcoming flagship device from Samsung. The latest one that has come out reveals the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to get out with similar sort of heat pipes which featured in its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy’s Heat Pipes!

Heat Pipe

Samsung introduced the concept of heat pipes in their smartphones for the first time in the latest flagship device Samsung Galaxy S7 which is already available on the market for quite some time now. And as the reports have suggested that Samsung Galaxy S8 is also going to feature similar sort of heat pipes that featured in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Previous rumors came up that the Korean smartphone making brand is going to remove the two-pipe system and bring in something innovative. But the latest developments have stated that Samsung has decided to stick with the proven technology.

Troubles needs to be sough out before release!

The heating issue is one of the things that Samsung needs to look at before! And this is express because Samsung has had to suffer a lot because of the bursting matters about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung would love to get over that. And the latest news that has come will undoubtedly aid them in doing so as nothing has reported against the exhaust system of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Also one of the reasons behind Samsung deciding to go with the similar two-pipe architecture for the upcoming flagship device that is reported to come out within a few months this year.

Qualcomm – Snapdragon 835 Processor!

Snapdragon 835

Other than this, we have been receiving news and updates continuously which have revealed that the upcoming flagship smartphone is going to run with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor has been laid out only some days during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It suggested that the latest chipset has developed by the 10 nm technology which is bound to be much better than its predecessors which designed on the 14 nm technology. Not only will the Snapdragon 835 processor enable the user to have a more efficient processor, but it will also aid the phone to consume less power as well. LG G6 is also releasing in MWC.

However, nothing has confirmed by the developers. So it is advisable that anyone who is planning to get hold of the upcoming flagship device from Samsung based on these speculations takes some time and wait for the official release to take place which is expectedly going to happen very soon.

The earliest cost rumors claim an $850 (roughly £655/AU$1120) SIM-free price for the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s certainly possible that the S8 will cost the same as the S7, especially as Samsung will want to make up for the Note 7 debacle.

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