Corsair Announces Fully Built Gaming PC – ChaseImpossible!

Corsair the well-known peripherals brand for PC components such as mice, keyboards, RAM, liquid CPU coolers, power units and even liquid-cooled graphics cards. Now they are coming up with new idea of fully-assembled system with Corsair One Gaming PC. After the success of Bulldog line, a series of bare-bones computers that offer a basic framework that the user can customize with their own choice of components.

The Corsair One – Gaming PC!

Gaming PC

As you see in the image, the Corsair One is a small-form-factor system with a sleek and minimalist design. It is compact tower PC, too small for a full ATX motherboard may use smaller mini-ITX parts. There are fins on top, and instead of the side window found on a lot of modern cases it hints that the PC will have plenty of air circulation to desktop components.

There’s a HDMI port on the front of the tower, which should make it easy to connect a virtual reality headset to the system, so we’re expecting powerful hardware exceeds the minimum specs required to run VR content, as some lighting runs down the front panel gives Gaming PC looks.

But however, there is one thing missing is optical drive it may force us depend largely on Steam and downloadable games.

As of now makers of corsair not revealed any details of the case, release date or pricing yet, it is a high-end VR-ready gaming PC will also more expensive than any other product this would suggest that the system won’t come cheap. All we can say that brace yourself for Intensive 4K Gaming.

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