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Goa is a place of a beautiful environment; it is famous for open lifestyle and modern culture. If you plan to go there, do not forget to do some traditional activities those are identities of this exotic place. It is a state that you can visit anytime or in any season. It remains full of life each day from early morning to late nights. In this article, we will tell you some terrific and entertaining activities you must perform on your next Goa trip.

Goa Is Not A Place. It’s An Experience! Goa Trip Thrills You!

Remember there is nothing “must-see” or “must-do.” Goa is an ultimate adventure. Goa is a state that gifted with incredible natural beauty; from beaches and benevolently rolling mountain to vegetation and animal experience. Goa has a lot to endeavor – the beer, the beaches, water sports and those late night parties. North Goa is suitable for partying, and South Goa is good for solitude & relaxation. Hire a Bike/Car. Hire a bike or a car as traveling in Taxi can get very expensive in Goa and there is no other good public transportation. And don’t forget to drive cautiously.

Water Sports

Scuba Diving

Water sports are the most popular sports of Goa. Tourists visit this remarkable state Goa again and again to play different water sports. Water sporting activities are supposed to performed by everyone who goes to Goa. Windsurfing, scuba diving, and swimming are some regular games majority of tourists play those on the visit. If you are even a little bit of an adrenaline enthusiast, then you cannot skip this different activity. It is sheer fun, and there are some exquisite Surfing Schools which give offer you a surfing drill for around 1 hour for as low as 2000 bucks.

River Rafting


If you love rafting, then Goa is the best destination. River rafting is popular among beginners as well as experienced people in Goa due to perfect conditions of playing this game. Goa tour is incomplete without a test of your rafting skills.

Backwater Kayaking

Kayaking trip

Goa is a land of backwaters. There are many rivers like Zuari River, Mandovi River, and Nerul River those are the perfect destination for Backwater kayaking. The Sal Backwaters is especially famous for this sport in the state. You can explore the hidden side of Goa and also spot some beautiful birds and on your expedition!

The Parasailing


You love this one, Parasailing must do on each goa trip. Yes, Parasailing costs Rs. 500-1250 for 5 minutes. Arambol and Baga Beaches offer the most terrific experience of parasailing in Goa. Parasailing in Goa is a thrilling sport that is very popular and much sought after. It is also known as Para ascending and is a game that certainly requires a parachute and a boat. The sport fancied by many tourists visiting Goa and is very impressive. It is a sure treat for an adventure lover and can enjoy at affordable prices.

Goa Attractions

Goa Beach

Goa is a land that is full of plenty of attractions; these attractions have a variety that not seen elsewhere. One side Goa beaches like Baga Beaches are popular for exotic experience and open lifestyle other side Goa has some famous temples like Tambdi Surla Temple. Somewhere there are high hills like Riveria Hills and Palolem Hills another side you can experience Dudhsagar Falls and Tambdi Falls. Make a list of these destinations and try to visit these places on your Goa trip.

Do not wander around beach barefooted as it might give you fungal and parasitic infection.

Goan Food

Goan Fish Curry

Goan cuisine is a must try, especially fish in Goan fish curry and Kokam Sharbat. Moreover, the continental food there is much much better than most other places in India. You can call it as ‘Sea Food Paradise.’ However, there are great eateries in Goa where you will get fantastic food – German Bakery, Ryan Shack if you are visiting Candolim, Britto’s at Baga, Limelight at Tito’s Lane, S2 if visiting Ashwem Beach, Rice Bowl if you are visiting Arambol.

Shopping in Goa

Shopping in Goa

Goan streets studded with handicrafts that define Goan history and culture. There are a never-ending variety of items to buy from local markets of Goa. From embellishing belts, bags, purses, coasters and wall hangings, Goan stores have an unending list to offer. If you are a great shopaholic, then bargain is the keyword here. Most of the commodities on the advertisement are highly priced. Try deal up to 50% depending upon the quality of the product. Some of the best shopping areas in Goa include Anjuna Wednesday Market, Mapusa Friday Market, and Margo Market. If not everything else, pick up few unique handicraft items which would make your Eco travel to Goa an accomplished tour.

Wildlife Tours in Goa

Bird Sanctuary

If you go to Goa, then wildlife must be seen. Salim Bird Sanctuary and Bhagawan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary are worth to visit even on short Goa Tours. Keep a keen interest and patience to view some of the rarest species of birds found in Goa.

Get a Massage


Goa has a great climate. Performing wellness activities have a different experience there. Goa spa and massage centers are for natural health treatments. Go for a massage and wellness experience when you visit Goa. You can take yoga sessions in the nature lap there.

Visit Casino

Famous Casino

Try your success at one of Goa’s casinos with conventional games such as roulette and blackjack. Casino and gambling are not legal in India, but Goa is an exception. Goa is one of the few Indian states where gambling is not an offense. That’s why there are free casinos. Don’t expect a Las Vegas-style casino experience, forget about it. You can have some fun in these casinos to take an experience that you cannot get somewhere else.

I hope you will take a note of these activities and perform on your Goa Trip. These are the best things to do on a Goa trip for everyone who wishes to experience the real Goa.

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